from About Time

Midnight, he knows she's there
She's patiently waiting to greet him
He creeps in, she's sleeping,
Turns the lights on and she comes alive

Just like she always is, there on demand
Waiting to act on his every command
She puts the whole of the world in his hand

A tick and a tock from the grandfather clock
That stands in the hall with it's hands in its pockets Could chatter for years but there's no-one to hear He's blasting off in his own private rocket

He's gone, carried away by the promise he's seen
An ad in the back of a free magazine
So here he goes courting his credit card queen

Just sit back, relax and let me do everything
You tell me where and we're on our way
The whole human knowledge is deep down inside me
I'm ready so where can I take you today?
The wonders of nature? Achievements of man?
Cathedrals of Europe to the hills of Japan
So where now, where's this adventure to lead?

The cosmos, the oceans, the desert -
I'm everything that you need
Scenes of the Earth from the moon
Or a virtual eclipse of the sun
Science and poetry and music - this journey has only begun

Pandora hold on! Though you mean to be kind
If you think I'm a seeker of knowledge,
Then you must be out of my mind!
I want a connection, a contact; the feeling that I'm not alone
I want to know I'm still alive,
The light's on and somebody's home!
Pandora, though you mean to be kind
Pandora, I just need to find...

Oh God, this is it, I think I've arrived
There's starlets in scarlet, with bright painted lips
And lovelies in lingerie that barely fits - say hello!

They're asking me in, to their palace of sin
And all that they want for their friendship it seems
Is my plastic pass to the gates of my dreams, here we go!

Pandora my friend, well I might as well stay
There's nobody else I can play with today
But she's gone, she's gone

I'm here where they can't even see me react
I don't have to talk and they won't answer back
I belong, I belong

Pandora my love, won't you fly me away
I'm spent out, I'm empty, I'm fading away
And all that I'm left with, is the feeling I'm really alone
I want to erase any trace that I've been here
Please take me back home

Pandora, please fly me away, Pandora

Andy Rigler - Keyboards and Backing Vocals

Andy Rigler
Keyboards and Backing Vocals