Bruiser Bows Out, Dan Comes Aboard

Rich and Steve @ The Peel

It is with considerable sadness that we announce that Steve Dunn is departing Also Eden, after a five-year stint, but it was great that he bowed out on such a high, with excellent gigs at The Peel, Kingston and Danfest in Leicester. The Ship of Theseus that is Also Eden sails on, and bass duties, including work on our forthcoming album, [REDACTED], due for release in May 2013, will be being taken on by Dan Nelson, who has already played for the last couple of years with drummer Lee Nicholas, in The Alliance.

Steve says, "It's time for me to do something different. That's it. No animosity, post-gig punch-ups or doing the dirty with band WAGs! My thanks and best wishes for the future to Lee, Si, Ian and Rich, (as well as Huw, Dave, Tim, Steve B and Ralvin) and I wish future rumblers the very best. My thanks also to all the wonderful folk who have bought our music, come to see us play, sung our praises on internet radio/podcasts/forums or just passed on kind words, advice and support. It's been fun! I'm sure the band will build on the wonderful reviews and live performances we've had of late as they move further forwards and I'm proud to have been a part of the history."

Dan says, "I'm very much looking forward to working with Also Eden"

Rich Harding - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar and Additional Keyboards

Rich Harding
Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar and Additional Keyboards