Acoustic Gigs - One Of Them Unexpected!

Rich and Si @ The Exchange

Si and Rich have had an enjoyable weekend playing two acoustic gigs, the first supporting The Strawbs at The Exchange in Bristol and the second opening up for Sankara at their Guided By Degrees album launch, at The Buffalo Bar in Cardiff.

It was actually supposed to be a full band show at The Exchange but the layout and size of the stage precluded this, so a bit of on-the-fly re-thinking led to Si borrowing an acoustic from the first act, Ben Pang, and we made the setlist up as we went along.

Things were somewhat more relaxed the following night in Cardiff, where a decent-sized crowd turned up to see Sankara launch their first full album - and very good they were too!

Graham Lane - Bass and Backing Vocals

Graham Lane
Bass and Backing Vocals